The Member States and the European Commission are establishing a European Quality Assurance Reference Framework (EQAVET) to promote and monitor continuous improvement of national systems of vocational education and training (VET).
EQAVET, which was adopted by EU Member States in June 2009, is a reference tool for policy-makers based on a four-stage quality cycle that includes goal setting and planning, implementation, evaluation and review. It respects the autonomy of national governments and is a voluntary system to be used by public authorities and other bodies involved in quality assurance.

Member States are encouraged to use the framework, and develop, by mid-2011, a national approach to improving quality assurance systems that involves all relevant stakeholders. This approach should include the establishment of national reference points for quality assurance, as well as active participation in the relevant European-level network.

The European Commission supports Member States in this process, particularly through initiatives that support co-operation and mutual learning, testing and by developing and providing guidance material and other information. The Commission will also ensure follow-up through a report every four years to the European Parliament and the Council.

Recommendation of 18.June 2009