EQF Predict


Project goals

  • To identify a predictable framework of change and in this framework to describe how EQF-adapted educational elements (curricula, human resources development measures, assessment approaches, legal regulations, certificates, consultancy services) could look like
  • To support these descriptions by pilots as far as possible, thereby providing for examples of EQF use which are at the same time oriented to the strategic aims of the EQF and the issues of educational practice.

Key activities

  • Describe the predictable framework of change and deliver perspectives for future development (WP 2 and WP 7)
  • Adapt key educational elements to the EQF (WP 3, 4,5)
  • Pilot the use of EQF-adapted key educational elements (WP 6)
  • Provide for a sustainable basis of use beyond the lifetime of the project (WP 8)
  • Provide for dissemination of project results (WP 9)
  • Manage the project and ensure quality by specific monitoring, risk management and quality assurance (WP 1 and WP 10).