Automotive Cluster

Ellipses represent projects, rectangles institutional elements to be set up.


The Cluster of Automotive Sector Oriented EQF Projects

It is planned to set up a cluster of automotive-sector-oriented EQF projects which shall provide for a framework in which issues of the involved projects can be dealt with on a wider range as this is possible within a single project.
These projects are

  • European Automotive Sector Competence Meta-Framework (EASCMF - coordinated by DEKRA Akademie, project duration 01.01.2007 – 30.04.2008). This project deals with creating conditions for setting up a sectoral framework formulating the requirements of the demand side (i.e. automotive enterprises)


  • Car EasyVET (coordinated by Universität Bremen, Institut für Technik und Bildung, project duration 01.12.2007 – 30.11.2009). This project deals with preparing a qualification framework in the automotive sector and a credit point system related to it.


  • Ways to Sustainability (coordinated by DEKRA Akademie, project duration 01.02.2008 – 31.01.2010) The project aims to support the successful application of the European Qualification Framework (EQF) by means of the development of application scenarios describing the conditions under which EQF use is expected to take place, namely the environments of national regulations and the description of favourable conditions as well as obstacles.


  • VET Stakeholders in the Automotive Sector (VETAS – coordinated by DEKRA Akademie, project duration 01.12.2008 – 30.11.2010). This project deals with setting up a network of stakeholders in the field, supporting the establishment of frameworks foreseen in the projects EASCMF and CarEasyVET)


  • Car Careers (coordinated by Universität Bremen, Institut für Technik und Bildung, project duration 01.01.2009 – 28.02.2012) The focus of this project is the permeability and connection of qualification frameworks in the automotive sector to tertiary education with identification and documentation of domain-related qualifications and vocational competencies.

The main objective of clustering these projects is to achieve higher visibility, thereby enhancing the impact of these projects on ongoing development in the field. The projects mentioned above all play their specific roles in contributing to the creation of optimal conditions for up-to-date training and education in the European automotive sector. The picture below illustrates how they can collaborate and gain benefits from each other.
VETAS, the overall VET stakeholders project in the automotive sector, shall create resources for the collaboration of all projects. Therefore, the pool of resources being set up by this project shall get input from all sides, but also deliver support to the work of all projects.
The EASCMF Project was carried out in order to initiate an EQF-related European Automotive Sector Competence Meta-Framework (EASCMF), formulating the requirements of the demand side (enterprises of the automotive sector). Further steps to be done in order to achieve this goal can be supported mainly by VETAS (discussions among stakeholders) and Ways which shall develop recommendations for how optimal EQF use can be ensured.
This also covers the needs of the European Automotive Sector Qualifications Meta-Framework (EASQMF) initiated by the CarEasyVET Project. A possible scenario of optimal EQF use could be the future interplay between this framework which describes the offers of the supply side, and the sectoral competence framework developed by EASCMF.
Finally, Ways can support the Car Career project to find solutions for interfaces between VET and Higher Education. This project, of course, can gain benefits also from the qualification-oriented CarEasyVET Project.